That year flew by.

This last Saturday, my baby turned a year old. It marked 365 days worth of kisses. 365 days of waking up to her. 365 days of having this precious little bundle of joy in our lives. I can’t believe it! That year flew by.

This lucky little girl had two celebrations this year. Saturday, she spent the afternoon with a few of her baby friends. And on Sunday, my big Hispanic family BBQ’d at my folks house, watched the Super Bowl, and also celebrated Amelia’s first year. It was a heck of a weekend.

Although it was fun, I’m so glad it’s over! No more staying up late to finish the chalkboard signs, sew her tutu, paint burlap bunting…

Amidst all the planning that went into her birthday, I tried really hard to remember one very important thing: never ever put your family second. We can get wrapped up into fun projects and very easily put them before our family. As a wife and a mother, I always have a lot on my plate. If I neglect my duties, it will ultimately show. In my child, in my home, and in my husband. It’s so important to always keep account of how we are spending our time. Because before we realize it, time passes us by.

How might I keep myself accountable? With a foundation from God’s word. When I press into Him, I receive all the instructions I need. Am I doing my job as a wife? Am I doing my job as a mother? Am I doing all I can do? Am I honoring God with my choices? By thinking on these things, this is how I can keep myself accountable.

Inevitably, events and birthdays and things will come up in life. That is to be expected. Just remember, joy, and the lack thereof, radiates through anything you do. If you’re a frazzled mother, rushing around trying to get every last detail done, with a cranky baby that’s craving attention, and an even crankier husband also craving to have his happy wife back, it will show. Trust me, it will show.

So, case in point, it was a fun weekend, but I’m glad it’s over! Back to normal life here at the Sutton household.

Terribly WONDERFUL twos, here we come.


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